I'm Andrew

A Senior Computer Science Student && a Software Engineer @CERN

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What I'm capable of?

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. -Thomas Alva Edison


I think I might can 'teach' you the core concepts you would need to understand Algorithms & Time Complexity on an undergraduate level.

Full Stack Web Development

Design the front and the back of a website from simplest ones (like a single page portfolio) to harder ones (like an e-shop or a blog site).

Machine Learning

I can train models to classify and predict data on various topics. My latest project on Machine Learning is a disease prediction application, that predicts with accurate percentage (based on 3 different prediction algorithms) the disease of a patient, based on the symptoms that he provides.

CLI applications

I can make low level (C, C++) CLI applications like a Multithreaded TCP Client/Server using Sockets, or even simpler ones like a banking system managment application, or even simple CLI games like tic tac toe or chess!

Projects Done

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Personal Collection of Computer Science Books and many more!!


URL Shortener Rest API

Disease Predictor

Disease Prediction Application using Machine Learning!

News Classifier

Machine Learning BBC News Classifier!

Comment Classifier

Machine Learning Forum Comments Classifier! (insulting or neutral)

AirBnB Clone

Undergraduate Project AirBnB clone, using Ruby on Rails

Game Of Life

Conway's Game Of Life, using MPI, OpenMP, CUDA
Algorithms & Time Complexity Amazon e-Book.
Created from a computer science senior student, to understand Time Complexity concepts and basic Algortihms & Techniques on an undergraduate university level.
Algorithms & Time Complexity Skillshare, Udemy Course.
Created from a computer science senior student, to understand Time Complexity concepts and basic Algortihms & Techniques on an undergraduate university level (based on the e-Book).

NewsLetter Page

NewsLetter SignUp page for educational purposes! Deployed here -->

ToDoList App

ToDo List Web application, Deployed here -->

CS188x Berkeley

Berkeley Pacman Projects!

Simon Game

Simon Web app Game!

Drum-Kit Game

Drum-Kit Web app Game!

Blog Site

Blog WebSite made with node.js (not deployed yet!)

Interests && Hobbies

Besides my passion on technology, I'm also passionate about sports, in particular weightlifting, cycling, swimming, playing lot's of basketball and doing lot's of Calisthenics. I'm also passionate about, playing chess and solving riddles like this one on my spare time! Of course music is a part of my life as well, and that is classical music! The influence of me loving classical music was my uncle, who taught me to play the piano on some good old time classical songs like this one, when I was a little kid! You can enjoy some more of this wonderful music genre over here!

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